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Kristin Browning is the voice for overcoming obstacles. The benefits she realized from working to conquer challenges, both in her personal life and as a leader in business, have led her to apply those same practices and principles to her role as a life coach. Her dedication and discipline in her chosen purpose as a life coach have even extended to her role as a parent, influencing her children, Madison and David, to be more self-aware, ambitious and successful in their own lives and personal relationships.

As a leader in business for over 18 years, Kristin is a natural mover and shaker who continually sought ways to challenge and improve herself. However, when she first began her search for success and self-actualization, she found very few resources to effectively empower such a driven, positive, and motivated person. When asked in life coaching school to identify her target market, she always pointed to herself. Learn More.


Kristin, along with her husband Anthony and children, Madison & David, each pursue their own passions, yet they share the common goal of being comfortable with each other’s differences while maintaining and appreciating their own individuality. Kristin’s passion is to leave a permanent imprint of self-worth upon her children, leading them to identify themselves as valuable contributors and victorious overcomers.

Now let’s talk about you…

Are you ready to escape life-in-a-box to pursue your life’s purpose and passion? Will you challenge yourself to play a bigger game and quit accepting mediocre results? It’s time to stop trying to do this alone! With Kristin’s direction and coaching skills, you will develop your own life-strategy, overcome obstacles, and start experiencing the success you were divinely designed to enjoy.

Kristin Browning Coaching offers unparalleled coaching programs and training in the following concentrated areas commonly needed to drive success for today’s person on a mission:

  • Fast Track to Success – Private Coaching with Kristin Browning: By Application Only
  • Live to Lead – Monthly Membership Club
  • Live to Lead Podcast

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Strategy Sessions
Kristin is known in business as a turnaround specialist. She knows how to take what is working well and transform it to bring optimal results. Many people are content to hover around “just enough” or “barely getting by” because they do not know how to break the excellence barrier. As a top-notch, high-impact operator, Kristin’s epic professional growth has been impressive. She knows what it takes to stay in the game.

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Fast Track to Success Private Coaching
Kristin is a big fan of calculated action that rapidly yields top-notch results. She is a no-nonsense leader and coach who will show you how to jump-start the process that will see you immediately thriving in your personal and/or professional life. If you are ready to drop the excuses, cut what is no longer working for you and embrace the necessary effort that will propel you into success, then click below and get started today!

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Live to Lead Podcast
We all reach a point in life where we simply must be held accountable if we are going to achieve the results we want in both our personal and professional lives. People stay immobilized because they just do not have the necessary support or tools to remove the obstacles from their paths. They have no idea how to shed what is no longer working, and they do not recognize or know how to remove their self-imposed limitations.

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Kristin has been instrumental in allowing our thinking to expand to a larger and more lucrative level. I like the way she questions us with pointed, pertinent leading questions and keeps us accountable for following through on our answers. I value her services because she has “been there and done that”, in other words she’s seen the depths of the valley and the beauty of the mountain top. So she can relate to us where we are now, and can assist us in building our business up to the level we’d like to achieve. This is critical for me, because without the full spectrum of experience I don’t know that I would be as comfortable with her as a coach. I highly recommend her services to those professionals looking to take their business to a higher level.

Robert UnderwoodRobert Underwood
Licensed Acupuncturist and Clinical Herbalist
Good Life Acupuncture & Wellness Center

Kristin dares you to dream big.  She encourages, praises and challenges to you to think differently and do more than you thought you could.  She can be tough and challenging – in that tough love way – which just shows you how much she really cares.  I highly recommend Kristin to anyone who wants to live big and do big things.

Stacey DonelsonStacey Donelson
Acupuncturist & Clinical Herbalist
Good Life Acupuncture & Wellness Center

I am so honored to call Kristin my friend! She is one of the most positively influential people I have ever met. Not only does she encourage others to meet their full potential, she models it!

Kimberly RaisKimberly Rais
Creator of WordyBird Designs

 Kristin’s program, “Take it to the White Board” brought a reality into focus for me in which I was in denial where I was.  In order to grow forward I had to trim off the dead branches sort of speak.  What makes me happy?  What was I tolerating? And finally how will I “let go” to gain. Before Kristin’s coaching, I was sabotaging my own success by blocking the flow of what God already set into motion.

Vicky Hicks
Certified NSA
Connecting the Gap, LLC