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Executive Coaching helps strengthen leaders, uncover blind spots and create opportunities to identify strategic goals to directly impact business success. This is an excellent offering to support leaders who need to expand their leadership impact and raise the bar to meet greater heights within an organization.

What is
Executive Coaching?

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Executive coaching

Through regular sessions the executive coach understands the leader’s strengths and weaknesses, which then inform the development of innovative, personalized solutions.

  • Creates a new sense of leadership self-awareness

  • Drives transformational change

  • Provides critical challenge and support

  • Helps to create success playbooks

  • Builds a collaborative relationship between the coach and the leader

Kristin believes...

Even in challenging business environments when company resources are under tight scrutiny, organizations should prioritize coaching.
She feels in times of uncertainty, leaders are responsible for making strategic decisions that may change the course of their organization’s strategic business objectives, and coaching provides a laser-focused approach specifically targeted for these key people in the organization.

Research has proven that the results of executive coaching include:

  • Increased team performance

  • Increased leader confidence

  • Sustainable organizational change

  • Increased emotional intelligence and self-awareness

  • Development of strategic thinking skills

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