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About Kristin

Kristin is married to Anthony. They both enjoy spending time outdoors and exploring new places. Anthony serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Kristin Browning & Company. Kristin and Anthony enjoy working together. They both wanted to build a remote based lifestyle while serving, leading, and coaching others.

David II
David II

Kristin's son, David II, recently became an airline pilot at the young age of 21. He has been zooming the skies since he was 16 years old and has been passionate about flying since he was a toddler. Her son is a perfect example of following your passion.

Madison Kaye is 18 years old. She has already completed her two year degree and is currently pursuing a bachelor of arts degree in Biology. Her goal is to then pursue her graduate studies in the field of neurology! Madison is very eager to show up in the medical field and put her best foot forward.

Madison Kaye
Madison Kaye

Kristin Browning is a believer in chasing more than one love in life. She inspires her clients to broaden their dreams while motivating them to explore multiple fields of interest, and then works with them to develop their own personalized strategy for making those dreams come true.

Kristin dares you to dream big. She encourages, praises and challenges to you to think differently and do more than you thought you could. She can be tough and challenging – in that tough love way – which just shows you how much she really cares. I highly recommend Kristin to anyone who wants to live big and do big things.

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Stacey Donelson

Acupuncturist & Clinical Herbalist


Kristin’s program, “Take it to the White Board” brought a reality into focus for me in which I was in denial where I was. In order to grow forward I had to trim off the dead branches sort of speak. What makes me happy? What was I tolerating? And finally how will I “let go” to gain. Before Kristin’s coaching, I was sabotaging my own success by blocking the flow of what God already set into motion.

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Vicky Hicks

Certified NSA

I am so honored to call Kristin my friend! She is one of the most positively influential people I have ever met. Not only does she encourage others to meet their full potential, she models it!

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Kimberly Rais

Creator of WordyBird Designs


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