About Kristin

Kristin Browning is the voice for overcoming obstacles. The benefits she realized from working to conquer challenges, both in her personal life and as a leader in business, have led her to apply those same practices and principles to her role as a life coach. Her dedication and discipline in her chosen purpose as a life coach have even extended to her role as a parent, influencing her children, Madison and David, to be more self-aware, ambitious and successful in their own lives and personal relationships.

As a leader in business for over 18 years, Kristin is a natural mover and shaker who continually sought ways to challenge and improve herself. However, when she first began her search for success and self-actualization, she found very few resources to effectively empower such a driven, positive, and motivated person. When asked in life coaching school to identify her target market, she always pointed to herself. More interested in expanding her horizons than pursuing one particular path, Kristin found many of the coaching theories and concepts to be unclear and non-applicable to her personal journey and professional life strategy. It was only through making mistakes and overcoming the obstacles unique to a multi-linear path that she began to define her own concepts and develop her coaching curricula. While she endorsed some popular disciplines, she found herself rejecting others to seek a better-defined and more applicable strategy for herself and highly motivated people like her.

As committed as Kristin was to her life as an entrepreneur, she missed the satisfaction of team-building, motivating people, smashing goals, and kicking off corporate success. Finding herself at a crossroads because she loved the personal engagement and creative process of coaching, she soon realized that these two disciplines were not mutually exclusive, and were in fact, complimentary in their requirements for a successful outcome, whether in a business or lifestyle application. She quickly began to develop a plan to effectively pursue both dreams, both purposes, both missions, and both callings. Now she wants to help others with similar ambitions to benefit from the insight and knowledge she worked so hard to achieve.

Kristin Browning is a believer in chasing more than one love in life. She inspires her clients to broaden their dreams while motivating them to explore multiple fields of interest, and then works with them to develop their own personalized strategy for making those dreams come true.