The Bigger Conversation Podcast: Coming Soon!

We all reach a point in life where we simply must be held accountable if we are going to achieve the results we want in both our personal and professional lives. People stay immobilized because they just do not have the necessary support or tools to remove the obstacles from their paths. They have no idea how to shed what is no longer working, and they do not recognize or know how to remove their self-imposed limitations. The go-getters are the ones who do not take the time to re-invest in themselves because they are so busy making a mega difference for the greater good. However, when conversational instruction is coupled with practical coaching strategies, it facilitates the development of customized life plans, yielding positive change. Conversation is powerful! It changes behavior by shifting perspectives and altering limiting beliefs. The Bigger Conversation Podcast is Kristin Browning’s easily accessible way to offer her clients the opportunity to achieve real change through conversation and valuable instruction. It will launch soon…Stay tuned!

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Kristin is a big fan of calculated action that rapidly yields top-notch results. She is a no-nonsense leader and coach who will show you how to jump-start the process that will see you immediately thriving in your personal and/or professional life. If you are ready to drop the excuses, cut what is no longer working for you and embrace the necessary effort that will propel you into success, then click below and get started today!

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