It shouldn’t be. That’s the easiest answer, but we sometimes tend to complicate “the simple” without valid reason or cause. The result? A tiring life full of frustration. When we reach the point of not knowing how to tame the beast of busyness, we sadly become unavailable to those closest to us. By lacking the understanding of just how important it is to simplify some aspects of your life, could mean sacrificing precious time and hurting vital relationships. Are you willing to risk it? Exactly.

Why Do we Feel Guilty When Desiring to Simplify Our Lives?
There is no straight answer here. It can be for a variety of reasons. Perhaps childhood preconceived expectations, the inability to shed perfection, the fictitious belief that a constant state of hustle is award-winning, or it is just plain old shame for desiring more time for yourself. Whatever the reasons are, people today are aspiring to simplify more than ever before. Why? So that they can be more accessible to serve others. It’s an uneasy feeling to become too busy to give back to others, especially when our schedules are overloaded with non-value added tasks.

What Do You Need to Do?
So how do you drop into a space of simplicity when all you know, as a fearless gutsy leader, is to keep pressing hard? You make the decision to e-v-a-l-u-a-t-e your life. Yes, you take a quick assessment of what is working and what is not working in your life. We wear many hats and let’s be honest, we wear some hats that are not even ours to wear. Crazy, right? Look, it is necessary to conduct hard life assessment to see what you can do to decrease the unnecessary weight. Here are a few tips! Ready? Good, get a pen.

  • Delegate: What can you delegate out in your life? Where do you need the help and support? Who can help you lighten the load? Your heart is likely huge, and you want to have your hand in most everything you are responsible for, but again…at what cost? My friend, sometimes you need to delegate with power to allow for more time that needs only your attention.
  • Automate: What in your life can you automate? This is especially true for leaders with many corporate or business owner tasks that can be automatically handled for longer periods of time without your attention. Think about it! This can be a lifesaver.
  • Shed: What in the world can you delete from your life. As people with a concentrated effort on health, we cannot keep up with tasks that are not adding value to our lives. This is hard to do, but when you essentially spring clean your life, you will be surprised to see just how many tasks you can let go of that will allow for more simplicity into your life.

Time to Wrap Up!
You know your life is precious. You have to protect it. The way to protect it is to own the benefit of simplifying your life, so that you can tend to what truly matters to your life more. Do not get me wrong, life is not always simple. In fact, it can be plain old hard most of the time. However, rather than that being an excuse, let’s make that become the catalyst to change. You need enough space in your life to handle the difficult. How can you handle the difficult if your life doesn’t have the space it needs to be able to navigate through it? How do you create this space? It is to honor simplicity. It is also to make room for simplicity and to sustain a level of commitment to the benefits of simplicity.

You Owe It to Yourself!
Yes, my friend, you are worth it. You deserve to have a spacious life and limit the unnecessary chaos. In fact, you have a responsibility to reduce the difficult and invite in the simple. You will not regret the time you took to conduct a life assessment while implementing the three tips. Think with me for a moment. What would your life look like and feel like right now, if you had a relationship with simplicity? Just let that settle in and resonate with you for just a moment. It would likely look enticing. Guess what? You are capable of creating and building that life. It is on you to own. So, what are you waiting for? You have some work to do.