Upgrading versus Quitting

Kristin Browning A Bigger Conversation, Empowering Self

“A Bigger Conversation”

I think Larry Weidel said it best when he stated, “If you’ve got a glimmer of a shot and you really want it, work against all odds.”  This is a great reminder to know what you are truly fighting for and working towards in life.  There comes a time in life when what was once categorized as “quitting” merely means you are, in actuality, upgrading.  Think about it for a moment.  If you are quitting for healthy reasons, then are you truly quitting or simply saying yes to an adjusted plan? An adjusted plan can lead you to a better life that suits your talents, gifts, and ability to launch your best sense of self.

I would argue that most people never plan to quit.  Most people go into something with the best of intentions, but soon they realize what they embarked upon was not rewarding or what they had hoped for within their mind.  Possibly it was no longer right for them or perhaps they felt the journey actually clouded who they were or who they set out to become.

Has this happened to you?
Perhaps you walked towards something, launched something, initiated something, or accepted something and then all of a sudden it was not at all what you had imagined.  Did you follow your instinct and make the executive decision to walk from it?  If so, then I am proud of you.  It takes BIG guts to declare a miss or to take a stand and walk away from something, especially if there is emotion attached to it.

Listen up…
Many people stay completely immovable when it comes to their own lives.  It frustrates me to see people stuck in misery, especially if it was because of a decision made years ago before they themselves went through personal growth and change.  It is like they charge themselves with a life sentence for a decision they made once upon a time.  I believe this is because they do not want to be thought of as a quitter.  They likely believe self-sacrificing becomes a mark of distinction.  The reality is self-sacrificing to avoid being seen as “quitting” obstructs life fulfilment and overall enjoyment.

The Sad Reality…
Guess what? The people you are trying to protect by barricading your own happiness isn’t that heroic at all. Your compromised happiness becomes a disservice to the people who matter in your life because you are living on half of a tank of gas, literally.  You are half full.  Half the energy, half the vision, half the happiness, half the desires, half the creativity and half of the ability will absolutely compromise your own divine potential.  You cannot possibly be at your greatest when the best of you is sheltered from realizing you have the ability to switch plays and tap into your best “you.”  The clock continues, my friend.  Therefore, let’s look at the other side of the alleged concept of quitting and entertain the idea of  “upgrading.”  Should we?  Let’s go!

Upgrading is Selfless….
It is time to take an inventory of your life.  What is working?  What is not working?  Take a moment.  We all need a refresher when it comes to this, right?  Get a piece of paper out and lay it all out there.  Spill the beans, my friend!   This is your time with yourself.  Now, pretend I am handing you that magical wand that tells you that you get to upgrade your focus on your “what” is not working.  You are not quitting remember….just merely upgrading.

Here is an example that recently applied to me.  I had to make the executive decision to cut down on some contract work.  It wasn’t easy because I had a lot of fear connected to saying “no” to the additional income.  I also struggled with the idea of being seen as a quitter.  If you know me at all, you know I do not quit.  It wasn’t until I fully understood how badly it was “truly” no longer working for me and my busy life.  I absolutely came to terms with shedding it.  See you later!  So now let me ask you?  Did I truly quit or did I merely upgrade my life?  Now I have a little more flexibility and more time dedicated towards the growth of my coaching practice and my writing.  You see, I upgraded.

My friend….
Quitting only happens when you’ve adopted the mentality that upgrading takes effort or that you are not worthy or that you are too afraid.  Please remember something…uncertainty is scary and ugly, but that is OK because you are going to be fine.  Uncertainty likes to reveal its ugly head right about the time you agreed with your heart that it is time to shed what is no longer working in your life.  Don’t be fearful of the unsightliness of uncertainty itself because this is nothing compared to how scary your life might look and feel holding on to what is emotionally draining you. Never abandon the possibility of an upgraded meaningful life. Upgrade your list. You are now “officially empowered to life your best life now. Boom!

Let’s upgrade together!

Push forward,