Strategy Session

Kristin is known in business as a turnaround specialist. She knows how to take what is working well and transform it to bring optimal results. Many people are content to hover around “just enough” or “barely getting by” because they do not know how to break the excellence barrier. As a top-notch, high-impact operator, Kristin’s epic professional growth has been impressive. She knows what it takes to stay in the game and rise above the limitations.

For a variety of reasons, people will seldom ask for help because they do not know that feedback, support, insight reviews, and guidance are part of the process involved in making a larger impact. Realizing this, and then investigating further, Kristin discovered that fear is the common denominator preventing people from investing in themselves as business leaders and business owners, as well as in their own personal lives. Here are a few of the fears she discovered:


Fear of recognizing and acknowledging the gap that separates where you are today from where you want to be tomorrow. If you think you should hide this fear and deal with it on your own, you are limiting yourself. This is a “less-than” mentality, and will inhibit your effectiveness, your expectations and will lower your ceiling of possibilities.


Fear of admitting the truth about your struggles. The comparison game of expending time and energy maintaining a façade and trying to keep up with someone else has to stop. Now!


Fear of investing in yourself. YOU are your most valuable resource. When you fail to exercise self-care and self-investment, you risk depleting your energy, time, and skill set as you circle the drain trying to figure things out on your own. Epic mistake!

With years of experience as a Franchisee, Regional Operations Director, and Vice President, Kristin has a proven and measurable track record. She discovered through personal, hands-on experience that everyone needs help. They need honesty, guidance, and accountability with someone who understands business, branding, obstacles, and what it takes in today’s demanding world to earn their spot.  However, she has also discovered that many people are not receiving the help they need from the programs that are currently available in today’s marketplace. Life coaching programs designed and run by non-industry professionals lack the essential intensity and inside information Kristin has to offer. Additionally, those programs can be costly in both time and money.  Since she learned all of these lessons the hard way, Kristin wants to offer this landmark strategy session for people who desperately need a power boost but simply do not have the time or dollars to invest in a long-winded, indulgent coaching program.

Kristin’s strategy session is a one-on-one, confidential, action-oriented, intense session that will help you walk away with:

  • A fresh new perspective on where the business is today and where it needs to be tomorrow, including honest and tough feedback to get you to the next level.
  • A reality check! YES, you are on the right track, or NO you need a change!
  • Self-Promotion talk. Are you showing up in a way that matches your potential?
  • An intuitive diagnostic evaluation with a clear, concise, and necessary “adjustment” plan.
  • A new level of confidence.
  • Increased motivation to brush it off, step back into the game, and perform better than ever before.

If you are truly committed to breaking your own personal barriers to excellence, fill out the request and let’s get to work! A member of her team will review your request and contact you to see if a Strategy Session is right for you. Sessions with Kristin run from 9:00 AM-12:00 PM, and cost $497.00. Why wait? There are limited spaces available and sessions book quickly.

Let’s Chat,

The Kristin Browning Support Team