Month: February 2013

Testimony from Nancy Bivens on Kristin Smith stepfamily coach

Kristin Smith has an incredible ability to influence those around her. She radiates positive energy and people can’t help but to be empowered after time with her! She is business savvy and truly able to enrich and evolve any business venture she is involved with. Kristin is a woman you need to know!

Testimony from Jeff for Kristin Smith stepmom coach

Kristin Smith delivers a clear and empowering message in a fun, upbeat, motivating way.  Her enthusiasm is contagious and you leave ready to take on any and all challenges you face.  The lessons you learn are practical and easily implemented, and though very valuable for your business, can be applied to your personal life.

Testimonial from Dr. Suzette Youngs for Kristin Smith Coaching

Do you want to become more strategic and make changes in your career that will allow you to stay focused on excellence? If so, Kristin Smith is the leadership coach for you.  She has transformed lives and careers through her ability to empower and inspire. She has business savvy and her service from start to […]

Testimonial from Ben O’Gradney for – Kristin Smith Coaching

Kristin is exceptional. She is far and away one of the most dedicated professionals with whom I have ever worked with and her commitment to excellence is inspirational. Kristin is always well prepared, thoughtful and creative in her approach to business goals. She arrives early, stays late and constantly goes “over and above” to empower […]

Testimonial from Annette Miller for Kristin Smith

I have had the pleasure and opportunity to associate with Kristin Smith on both a professional and personal level for nearly 12 years. One of Kristin’s greatest assets, that I have personally witnessed, is her ability to communicate and empower any team. She has a unique ability to bring calmness to stressful situations via her […]



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